What is FAQ Bot?

Brazen’s FAQ Bot lives within your Career Site Plugin or Job Req Plugin and guides job seekers through a library of frequently asked questions and answers.

The purpose of adding FAQ Bot to your chat options is to provide candidates with easy access to your FAQ library, and to save your team time and effort by answering common questions before job seekers are connected in a chat with a recruiter.



How do I set up FAQ Bot?

In order to display FAQs through the Brazen plugin you’ll first need to install the Brazen plugin on your site. If you’ve already installed the plugin on your site, you’re ready to start adding FAQs.

As an account admin you’ll have the ability to upload FAQs to your FAQ library. To add FAQs, go to your account home in Brazen and click “FAQ Library”, which can be found under the Settings tab.


There are two ways you can upload FAQs into your library - either manually create questions one at a time, or bulk upload a list of questions all at once.

To add a single question to your library click “Add FAQ”, then select “Create New”. First, fill in the question and answer you’d like to display to job seekers. You’ll also need to assign each question to a section - sections are a way for you to organize your FAQs so that job seekers can easily find the question they are looking for.

FAQ Examples


  • What if I don't see a job that matches my interests?


  • Sign up for job alerts! You'll be notified by email when a new job opens that matches your criteria


  • Searching for jobs

If you are planning to display the FAQ Bot on the Job Req Plugin, you can also choose to add more specific parameters so that a question will only display on a job with a certain location or job category. Adding these parameters isn’t required - if you choose not to add any parameters, any FAQs added to your library will automatically display within the plugin across all your jobs.




If you’d rather upload multiple questions all at once, you can use our Bulk Upload feature to import a CSV containing your questions, answers, and sections.




To bulk upload your questions, click “Add FAQ”, and select “Bulk Upload”. Once you’ve made sure that your CSV file is in the correct format, select your CSV file and your questions will begin importing into your library. Please note that the order in which your questions appear on the CSV will be the order in which candidates see those FAQs in the plugin.

Here's an example of an FAQ CSV:


Once you’ve added FAQs to your library, job seekers viewing the plugin will see the option to browse FAQs, in addition to any other chat options you are offering.

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