Downloading your Contacts

Admins now have the ability to download a list of all job seekers that provided their contact information through Brazen, regardless of whether that job seeker actually chatted with a recruiter. Use this report to add contacts to your CRM and/or follow up directly with any job seekers that dropped off before connecting with your recruiters.

To download the Contacts Report, navigate to the “REPORTS” tab, select “Contacts Report” from the drop down menu and click “GENERATE”


Reading the Contacts Report

This report will show you some of information the job seeker provided to either Quickchat with a recruiter or to register for a Brazen event. Some fields such as name and email are required and will always appear on the contact report, while other fields such as phone number and location may not be included if the job seeker chose not to submit that information.

Contact Created On = The date when a job seeker first submitted their information through Brazen

First/Last Name = First and last name of the job seeker that submitted their information

Email/Mobile = Job Seeker’s contact information

City/State = Location of the job seeker

Source = This shows whether a job seeker submitted their information through the plugin or by registering for a Brazen event

Job Title/Job Location/Job ID = Information associated with the job the candidate came in to chat about it

Event Code = This field will help you see which job seeker chose to engage in Quickchat vs. Events. Any candidates with a code listed in this column registered for an event, while anyone with no data in this column submitted their information through Quickchat.

Chatted With = The recruiter that the job seeker first chatted with

Chatted Date = The date on which the chat took place

Result = The “Next Step” that the recruiter selected after their chat with the job seeker

For a more detailed report of job seekers from a specific event, download the Event Participants CSV file. You’ll find this under the “REPORTS > Downloads” tab on any past event.


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