Auto-assigning Recruiters to Jobs

Use your job feed to auto-assign jobs to recruiters for Quickchat

Rather than manually claiming jobs for Quickchat on a regular basis, recruiters can now automatically be assigned to their job reqs through your job feed import.

When a recruiter’s email address or full name is associated with a job in your feed that job will automatically have Quickchat enabled and appear in that recruiter’s list of “My Jobs” in their Brazen Recruiter View.

While using recruiter email is the preferred method of implementing auto-assign, you do also have the option of using a recruiter's first and last name instead of their email.

To start auto-assigning recruiters to their job reqs you’ll need to make sure your feed follows the Brazen Job Feed Schema and includes the recruiter's email address or first and last name for their job reqs. Test your file against the XSD file below to see if your feed matches the required Brazen Job Feed Schema:


Recruiter Auto-assign FAQs:

What happens when a job is auto-assigned?

When a job is auto-assigned to a recruiter, Quickchat is automatically enabled for that job. Candidates viewing that job req will immediately have the option to either chat with the recruiter or leave them a message.

What happens if a recruiter’s information is included in the feed but that recruiter is not listed as a user in Brazen?

In order for a recruiter to be assigned to a job automatically through the feed the recruiter needs to have access to Brazen’s Recruiter View. If a recruiter does not already have access to Recruiter View, they are unable to be assigned to job reqs. Once your admin gives you Recruiter View access then our system will auto-assign you to any jobs on which you are listed within your feed.

Can we auto-remove a recruiter from a job?

Yes. If the recruiter has previously been auto-assigned to a job through the feed and later that recruiter’s email address (or name) is removed from that job in the feed, that job will then be removed from the recruiter’s list of “My Jobs”.

If the recruiter had manually claimed that job within the Brazen Platform and later the recruiter’s information was removed from that job in the feed, that job would still remain in the recruiter’s list of “My Jobs” until the recruiter manually removes it.

As a recruiter, can I still manually add and remove jobs from my list?

Yes. Even if you are not auto-assigned to a job through the feed, you can still find jobs in the “All Jobs” list and manually add them to “My Jobs” (check out this article for more info on manually adding jobs). You can also manually remove any job regardless of whether that job was assigned to you manually or through the feed.

If I'm using Recruiter First and Last Name in the feed, what happens if two recruiters have the same full name?

In this case, any jobs in the feed listed under that shared name would not be auto-assigned to either recruiter. Those jobs would need to be manually claimed within Recruiter View. Although the situation is uncommon, this is why it's always best to use recruiter email rather than name if possible.

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