QuickChat from a Candidate's Perspective

When a job seeker lands on one of your job reqs, they will see the plugin display in the lower right corner after a few seconds (as long as the job is assigned to a recruiter)

After clicking Chat Now, the ChatBot will ask the job seeker for their name and email, and present any knockout questions that have been added to that job req.




If a job seeker does not pass your knockout questions, they’ll be presented with a customizable sorry message, encouraging them to check out other jobs on your site and apply.




When a job seeker does pass the knockout questions, BrazenBot will connect with them with one of the available recruiters that have claimed that job req.

If no recruiters are available to chat about that job, the candidate will be presented with the recruiter’s away message, and an option to leave their phone number, so that they can receive a text update once the recruiter responds. As soon as a recruiter sees the message from the job seeker and replies, the job seeker will receive an email (and a text, if the’ve entered their phone number) with a link to a new landing page, where the job seeker can continue chatting with the recruiter.



When a chat ends, the job seeker will be presented with a link to apply for the job they were chatting about.



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