QuickChat Best Practices


Cast a wide net

We recommend that recruiters claim as many jobs as possible to start out. Our analytics have shown that an increase in the number of jobs claimed directly correlates to higher conversion rates for job seekers landing on your job reqs.

Check out this article for more information on how to claim your jobs.

If you find that you have more chats coming in than you can manage (which is a good problem to have!), you can add knockout questions to your more niche positions, to ensure that you are only being connected with the highest quality candidates.


Add recent jobs

It’s a good idea to check for new job reqs once a week. If you’ve provided us with a job feed, your jobs will automatically refresh every hour in our system. You can easily find jobs that were added most recently by going to the “All Jobs” page in Recruiter View, and sorting by Date Added.


Add quality candidates to your ATS

Once you’ve finished a chat and selected the best next step for a candidate, you can view the details of your conversation on the History page.

The History page will have a list of all your past chats -- you can sort by the Next Step that you chose, the date on which the chat took place, or by Candidate Name.

In addition to viewing candidate data within Recruiter View, you can also export a CSV with the same information and use it to add quality candidates to your ATS or CRM. You export your chat history by clicking “Download CSV” on the History page.



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