Job Req Plugin and Career Site Plugin

There are two different versions of the Brazen plugin. The Career Site Plugin is designed to promote your events and FAQs directly on your careers page, while the Job Req Plugin is designed to offer candidates several engagement options directly on your job reqs. Here are some of the key differences:

Career Site Plugin

The career site plugin shows job seekers your upcoming chat events and/or FAQs (if you have FAQs in your library), and allows them to easily register for events by entering some basic information. This version of the plugin will display on your careers page anytime you have at least one upcoming event.

When a job seeker clicks on the career site plugin, they’ll see your next 5 scheduled chat events.




If you have any upcoming events that you don’t want to be shown on the plugin, you’ll also have the option to hide certain events so that they are not visible to job seekers.

When you're creating an event that you don't want to display on the plugin, just click the box that says "Never display in plugin". at the bottom of the creation screen.




If you don’t have any upcoming events, the plugin won’t display on your careers page until you have an upcoming event again.


Job Req Plugin

Using the Job Req Plugin gives you the ability to show upcoming events as well as the option for a candidate to “Chat Now” with an available recruiter. This version of the plugin would display directly on your job reqs, and be linked to the specific job req on which it displays.




As long as the job has been assigned to a recruiter, job seekers viewing the job req plugin will always have the option to “Chat with a recruiter”.

In order for the plugin to display upcoming events on the Job Req Plugin, that job will need to be added to the upcoming events you want to be displayed on the plugin. This is something an account admin can do within the Brazen system. To add a job to an upcoming series or event, your account admin will need to:

  1. Go to your Account Home in Brazen, and click on the Jobs tab on the left sidebar
  2. Select any jobs you’d like to add to events
  3. Click the options button on the right, and select “Add to events” or “Add to series”
  4. You’ll see a list of all upcoming series/events -- select any events to which you’d like to add the job, and hit Add



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