At a glance: Brazen's new recruiter view


Brazen's all-new experience for recruiters

Brazen’s new recruiter view is where recruiters using the Job Req Plugin can chat live with job seekers outside of traditional chat events. In addition to using the Plugin, gaining access to this view requires your account admin to give you the role of representative.

Within Recruiter View you can:

  1. Choose which jobs you’d like to chat about
  2. Qualify and pre-screen job seekers through Knockout Questions
  3. Set your live chat availability
  4. Customize your welcome and away messages shown to job seekers
  5. Navigate to your upcoming chat events to login as a Rep


Logging In

Log in to Recruiter View at!login. If you are a previous Brazen user, when you log in you may be brought to a page displaying your upcoming events. To navigate to Recruiter View and set up your Recruiter Profile, click your name in the top right, then click "Recruiter View."



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