Managing My Jobs in Recruiter View


The first step is to select the job reqs you’re responsible for and enable live chat by adding these reqs to “My Jobs”.

On the Jobs page, you’ll see two tabs labeled “My Jobs” and “All Jobs”. The “All Jobs” tab contains a list of all the jobs in your Brazen account. “My Jobs” is a recruiter’s personal list of job reqs for which they are offering job seekers the option to live chat.


Adding Jobs to My Jobs

Claiming a job from “All Jobs” and moving it to “My Jobs” can be done in one of two ways. In some cases, your Brazen Account Administrator will assign jobs to you. Any jobs that have been assigned to you will automatically appear under “My Jobs”.

You can also claim jobs yourself. Under “All jobs”, you can apply filters to fields such as City, State, Job ID, Category and Job Title to narrow down the list and claim the jobs you want to live chat about. Check the box next to any job you’d like to claim and click the plus button in the top right. Once you’ve added a job from the list of all jobs, it will appear under “My jobs”.


Remove a job from your list at any time by selecting the job and clicking remove. The job will then be added back into the list of all jobs.



Can more than one recruiter claim the same job?

Yes, any number of recruiters can claim the same job. When a job seeker visits that job req and clicks “Chat Now”, they will be directed to one of the recruiters who has claimed that job and is available to chat.

We just opened some new job reqs. How do I add these to My Jobs?

For a job to show up in “All Jobs” in Recruiter View, your account admin will need to either enter the job manually into our system, or provide us with an XML feed. You can find jobs that have been added into our system most recently by checking the “All Jobs” tab and filtering by Date Added.

How do I know if jobs have been assigned to me?

When your admin assigns jobs to you, they will automatically appear under “My Jobs”, in addition to the jobs you have claimed yourself. You can click “Date added” to sort your jobs and find the ones that have been assigned to you/claimed most recently.

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