How to screen job seekers using Knockout Questions


In order to ensure that you are connected with job seekers that are as qualified as possible for a specific job, you have the option to add a Knockout Questions to screen job seekers before they enter a chat.

Creating new questions

To create new questions, first find a job to which you’d like to add Knockout Questions, and select “Manage Questions”.


Hit Create, then fill in the question you’d like to ask and the possible answers.


Adding Knockout Questions to jobs

Once you’ve created a question it will be available for you to add to any of your jobs. To add it to a job just hit the plus button next to the question you’d like to add.

When a job seekr clicks “Chat Now” on the plugin, they will be presented with any Knockout Questions you’ve added to the job. If the job seeker responds with all “desired” answers, they will be connected to you. If they respond with undesirable answers, Brazenbot will show them a “sorry” message, which is fully customizable.

You can also view the Knockout Rate for each question - this shows you the percentage of people who failed to provide the desired response for a question.

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