Quick Chat 101


Once you’ve added your reqs to My Jobs and toggled on the “Available to chat” switch, job seekers on the reqs you’ve claimed will have the option to Chat Now with you.



When a job seeker initiates a new live chat, the conversation will appear on your “Chats” tab. If you enable notifications from the Brazen app, you will receive a desktop notification whenever a new chat begins.

During a chat, you can view a job seeker’s resume, if they have uploaded it, by expanding the “resume” window on the right.



After a chat ends

Once you’ve completed a chat, you’ll be presented with a rating screen. Select the appropriate next step, and hit Finished.

The transcript of your conversation, as well as the resume, next step selection and any notes you add will be stored in the History tab. You can filter your chats by Next Step, Job, Date, or Candidate name.

Add any chats to your Favorites and access them under the Favorites tab.



Can I chat with multiple job seekers at the same time?

Yes, as you are connected with job seekers, each conversation will show up on the Chats page. You can switch back and forth between multiple job seekers by clicking on their name, and engage in several conversations at once.

What if I step away from my computer while I’m marked as available?

As long as you have set up your auto messages, when job seekers are directed to you but do not receive a reply within 60 seconds, they will receive your away message. When you have a chance to respond to them they’ll be notified via email or text and you can continue chatting.

How can I view a job seeker’s resume while I’m chatting with them?

Since many job seekers are viewing your job reqs and chatting with you on their mobile device, we do not require them to upload a resume before entering a chat. During a chat, however, job seekers do have the option to upload a resume at any time. Once a job seeker uploads a file, it will appear on the right side of your screen in Recruiter View.

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