Career site plugin

What is it?

The career site plugin helps employers drive higher conversions by offering several chat engagement options to candidates directly on your career site's job reqs pages. Candidates can choose to chat live with a recruiter or to chat later at an upcoming event.




At the same time, this feature was designed with the goal of making the recruiter's job easier. Using an all new interface, recruiters are in control of everything from selecting which jobs to focus on, to pre-screening questions, to which chat options to offer for which jobs. And of course, most importantly, the recruiter controls when he or she is available to chat.




Getting started is easy

Getting up and running is incredibly easy and little to no ongoing maintenance is required. 


Add a tiny snippet of javascript to your career site's opportunities / job req template. You only have to do this once. Example javascript below. Your Account Manager will provide your unique javascript snippet. 



Share with us the URL for your job feed using the Indeed xml schema that you're probably already producing. If you don't have a job feed, let your account manager know and we can look into producing this for you.


Provide us with an email address for your recruiters so we can set up their user accounts and provide them access to their new recruiters-only Brazen experience.


Participate in a 15 minute test-run screen share to ensure that the plugin plays nicely with your career site.


Recruiters attend an online kickoff and training where they'll actually get started using the plugin to attract and engage candidates for their hardest-to-fill positions. That's it. Really.


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