Canned responses (snippets) best practices

Use Snippets during text-based one on one chats to store frequently used questions and answers. Below are some examples of questions to customize with your team to have ready for your upcoming event.

Questions to ask candidates

Opening Questions – Recommended

  •    What interests you about a position at [company]?
  •    Why are you interested in moving on from your current role?
  •    What is your current and expected salary?

Opening Questions - Alternate

  •    Tell me more about what you're looking for in your next position and/or company?
  •    Have you ever worked in [industry] or [facility setting] in the past?
  •    Where are you in your job search? (just starting, have offers, etc.)

Experience – Recommended

  •    What are you looking for in your next position?
  •    What are typical mistakes other [job title]'s make?

Experience – Alternate

  •    How do you see your past experiences contributing to this role?
  •    What's your approach to [key skill/requirement]?
  •    What motivated you to choose this career path?
  •    What do you think are your top skills?


  •    Would you be interested in relocating to [location]?
  •    If you found the right position, do you think you would be ready to move?
  •    Is there a particular location that interests you or are you open?


  •    Are you currently working? What's your availability to start?
  •    The work schedule for this position is [X], does this schedule work for you?


  •    How would you describe your work style?
  •    What type of work environment do you prefer?
  •    What questions do you have for me?

Your answers to candidate questions

Your Organization and Individual Departments

  •    Mission and culture
  •    Working environment across the different offices
  •    What makes you proud to work at your organization?
  •    Training or development programs
  •    Is there anything you’re trying to accomplish to rebrand or differentiate yourselves?

General talking points that will help move a chat along quickly if:

  •    Candidate not a good fit: politely exit by letting candidate know the experience and qualifications are not a good match and offer suggestions or advice for how to come back later with the necessary skills. One bad candidate could know 10 great fits for your jobs, so always create a good candidate experience.
  •    Candidate an excellent fit: try to schedule that next step asap! Thanks for your time today! We will follow up within X hours/days with next steps. If you have questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to me [yourEmail] (if a strong candidate)

The roles and qualifications

  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb

The locations

  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb

General talking points that you normally use in screening conversations or to persuade passive talent to take the next step

  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb
  •    Insert blurb
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