Schedule a Followup

"Schedule a followup" allows representatives in events to quickly send a templated followup message to a participant after chatting with them. Using a shared calendar service such as Calendly and ScheduleOnce, you can easily drive participants towards a next step of finding time on your calendar to continue your conversation.

Note: This feature is only available to assigned representatives within an event.

1. Select the followup action

Get started by selecting "Schedule a Followup" from the followup actions menu after finishing a chat. This action can also be taken by selecting a chat from the history screen.

2. Set up your template

The first time you schedule a followup, you'll be asked for the below settings:

Calendar URL: Provide a link where the recipient can schedule a meeting with you or take other additional actions following your chat with them. A few popular calendar sharing services we recommend trying out are Calendly and ScheduleOnce.

Message Subject: The subject of your followup email to recipients

Message Template: The template for the followup message to be sent via email. Use the below placeholders in your template to automatically populate the email for each followup.

  • [theirFirstName]: The recipient's first name.
  • [theirLastName]: The recipient's last name.
  • [yourCalendarLink]: The link to your public calendar
  • [yourFirstName]: Your first name
  • [yourLastName]: Your last name

Your settings are saved, so your future followups will skip this step, making it quick and easy to send templated yet personalized followups after each chat. 

3. Preview and Send

In the final step, review the final message generated based on your settings and template. Make any final edits to the message and click "Send" to email it to the recipient. Be sure to check "send me a copy" if you'd like to receive a copy in your inbox as well.

Future followups will skip the template settings and come straight to the preview. If you need to make changes to your template, simply click "edit followup settings" to make updates for your current and future followup messages. 



What will the email look like once it's sent?

Great question. The default text in these emails is the following:

Hi [recipient first name],

It was nice chatting with you today. I would love to keep the conversation going. Here is a link to my calendar where you can find a time: [insert calendar link]

[your first name]


See below for a sample email:

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