Why Do I Need to Verify My Email Address?

You are required to verify your email address associated with your Brazen account to participate in an online event on the Brazen platform. Your security is important to us. Verifying your email address lets us know that you truly own your email address and allows us to better assist you if you need any support. It also helps us to protect the data you share on Brazen’s platform.

This article will address the following:

  • What's email verification?
  • What happens when someone signs up for an event?
  • How will this affect Representatives, Booth Owners and Participants?
  • Step-By-Step Process
  • Troubleshooting Tips 


What's email verification?

Email Verification is a new process for confirming that Brazen users actually control the email addresses they provide to us. This prevents someone from signing up for a Brazen account with an email they don't have access to.

Verification is a one-time process; once your email address is verified, verification will never be an impediment to using Brazen again, unless you choose to change or update your email address.

The one-time verification process will occur in one of three ways:

  1. Upon creating an account, a new user signing up with their email address will be asked to verify their email address and receive an automated email to do so.
  2. For existing, unverified users, a message will be displayed when they login to the platform asking them to verify and allowing them to initiate a verification email.
  3. A user taking an action from a Brazen email (i.e. an automated event reminder, a representative invitation) will be automatically verified when they log in using the link provided in the email.

What happens when someone registers for an event?

New users who sign up for an event with an email address are considered "unverified."

Upon providing their email, an email containing a verification link is immediately sent to the email address provided. Keep in mind, the user is able to register for the event they just signed up for (and any other events) until they log out

Once logged out, a user will always be prompted to verify after logging in (they can no longer register for events). Unverified users can never enter the lobby of an event—they will always be prompted to verify

Any users who sign up through Single Sign-On (including LinkedIn) are automatically considered verified.

How will this affect Representatives, Booth Owners and Participants?

New users will still be able to register for events, but will be asked to verify their email address before participating in a chat. New and existing users that single sign-on to Brazen using LinkedIn or other credentials will not be required to verify their email address when they have already verified their email address with LinkedIn or another identity provider.


Step-By-Step Process:

1. View After First Registration

2. View After Second Login:


3. Verification Email



Troubleshooting Tips

1. Oops! You are trying to verify an email address that you are not currently logged in with:


It's possible that you can find yourself at this screen. Likely scenario is:

  1. You created User A
  2. You logged out
  3. You created User B
  4. You clicked on a verification link for User A (What does this mean? That you clicked on a link in an email from Brazen (for example, the email verification email) and the email address where you received that email is not the same email address you're using to log into Brazen.


  • Log out from User B and log back in with User A
  • Follow a verification link for User B (recommended, search your inbox associated with User B for a verification email sent from Brazen and click on the link to verify your email address) 


2. You are Unable to Click "Verify Your Email" 


Your email client does not allow links to be opened into a browser.


This one's easy. Copy the link provided in the email and paste it in your browser.





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