SmartQueue is a proprietary feature that helps you connect to the best participants for your specific roles or opportunities during a live event. Enabling SmartQueue will prioritize the most qualified participants in line to chat.

Brazen's SmartQueue technology connects booth representatives (e.g. recruiters, hiring managers, admissions staff) with attendees (e.g. job seekers, candidates, prospective students) who are the best fit for opportunities available in the booth.

Here's how it works.

  1. Booth owners can add up to seven opportunities (e.g. jobs, positions, programs) to their booth. Each opportunity can have up to five questions.
  2. When an attendee clicks to chat, they are prompted to select the opportunity that captured their interest and then answer all of the questions assigned to the opportunity before they are placed into line (see Figure 1). SmartQueue calculates a score for the attendee by comparing the attendees answers against the correct answers specified by the booth owner.
  3. When a booth representative is available to chat, SmartQueue selects the attendee who answered the most questions correctly. Booth representatives will have access to SmartQueue scores (how many questions they answered affirmatively) during the live chat.


Figure 1. Dialogue that appears to attendees who get in line in a SmartQueue powered booth

Are you a booth owner? Here's how to set SmartQueue up:

Enable your Opportunities tab under the Content section, and add an overview of the type of opportunities you have available.



Once you have added general content to the Opportunities tab and enable it, click on the "Opportunities" section at the top of your screen. Click "Add a new Opportunity" to add a position/program Title, Location and URL.


Once you have added an opportunity, you can add up to 5 associated questions. 


The information you add to here will display below the content that you add to the Opportunities tab. The Opportunities tab can be located under the Content section.

Here is what the finished product will look like in your booth:


Frequently Asked Questions For Booth Owners and Representatives:

Is SmartQueue available for all events?

  • SmartQueue is only available in open house and expo events. It is not available in networking events

Do I have to use SmartQueue?

  • No. SmartQueue can be enabled on a booth by booth basis. SmartQueue is activated by adding an opportunity to a booth.

Do attendees have to select an opportunity to get in line?

  • No. Attendees can choose any of the opportunities listed, or they may select "None" to indicate that they have another topic to discuss. 

Do I have to enter questions for an opportunity?

  • No. Adding questions to opportunities is completely optional. However, we highly recommend you specify questions for each opportunity so that you are connected with the most qualified attendee in the booth line. Attendees who select an opportunity that does not have questions will be placed behind attendees who selected an opportunity with questions and answered most of the questions correctly. These attendees may have longer wait times.

Can I direct SmartQueue to connect attendees who choose a specific opportunity to a specific representative?

  • Not at this time. SmartQueue connects the most qualified attendee to the first available representative regardless of the opportunity selected by the attendee.
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