How do I register for an event as a representative?

Tip: see all upcoming and previous events you're assigned to by logging in with your work email address and Brazen password here: DO NOT login with LinkedIn

1. Find your invitation email

After you are added as a representative to your booth, you will receive an email titled “You Have Been Added as a Representative for Event Name”. This email contains a link to login and complete your profile. If it's your first time participating, you will setup a new password as part of the account activation process.

2. Click the link to complete your profile

On the login page, enter the email address the email notification was sent to and your password. Click "Forgot Password" from this page if you are unsure what your password is. You'll receive an email with a unique link to reset your password. Check your spam if you don't receive this email within a couple of minutes.




3. Complete your registration

Fill out the brief registration form. The information you provide will be used to populate the profile displayed to participants during live, one on one chats. Your responses are saved, and used to auto generate your profile in future. An asterisk next to a field denotes that it is required.


We recommend completing your registration in advance of the event. On the day of the event, login using the link provided in the reminder email or by logging in here:

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