How do I follow up with a participant?

There are two ways to follow up with participants: immediately after a chat on the chat rating screen or through the History option in the upper right hand of your screen when you are not in a chat.


Chat Rating Screen


You can use the follow-up tools found on the chat-rating screen. On the top right of the page is a button titled “Follow Up”. You can either email the participant’s profile and your chat transcript directly to a colleague by or you can follow up with the participant directly.


To save time during the live event, you can wait until you after the event to follow up with participants. To follow up after you have completed and rated a chat, click "History" in the upper right hand corner of your screen when you are not in a chat.

You will see a list of all participants you chatted with. Once you select a participant, you will see Follow Up in the upper right hand corner. When you select it, you will have the option to email the participant directly or forward their information along to a colleague.



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