Will I be reconnected to a representative I have previously chatted with?

If an event booth is set up with representatives, you will only be connected in a conversation with each available representative once. If there are multiple representatives available within a booth, you may connect in multiple conversations, but will not be connected to the same representative twice.  

After completing a chat, you can elect to get back in line to enter the queue to connect with other available booth representatives. You can also return to the event lobby to get in line for other booths within the event.

In some booths, you may see a message that your chat limit has been reached. This indicates that the booth organizer has limited the number of chats that event participants can engage in, and you will not be connected in another conversation within this booth.

Contact information for event representatives is not always available during or after events. Be sure to ask for representative contact information if you would like to connect with them after the event, or drop off a note if that feature is enabled within the booth.

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