If I am having a problem during the live event who do I contact?

The images associated with each step represent every page or screen change that you will experience along the way. You can compare the images to your screen to determine which step you're on. Click on any of the images to see a larger view.

Step 1. Find and Click the Registration Icon

When you enter an event you will see a black navigation bar at the top of your page. This navigation bar will always be visible while in an event. This is where you will locate the "Help" icon. This icon will always be visible during a live event.

Step 2. Type Your Question Into the Help Box

Clicking on the "Help" icon will bring up a help question box. Simply type your question into the box. Try to type your question with as few words as possible, but be sure to include words that are specific to your problem.

Step 3. Browse the Suggested Articles or Submit a Direct Request

A list of suggested topics will come up as results related to your question. You can choose to click one of these topics or submit a direct request to our Help Center.

Step 4. Submit a Direct Request

If you choose to submit a direct request you will need to include your name, email address, question, and details about the question. It's important to include as many details as possible about your question. Details will help the support team find a solution for your problem as quickly as possible.

Step 5. Return to the Event

You can return to the event after you have submitted a direct request. The support team will respond to your request, by email, as quickly as possible. We recommend checking out the support site while you wait for a response.

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