Chat History

The "History" tab allows you to view your previous chats. Your chat history is saved in the specific events where the chats took place. To access your chat history from multiple events, you will need to log into each event separately.


Step 1. Find the History icon


When you enter an event you will see a navigation bar on the left side of your page. This navigation bar will always be visible while in an event. This is where you will locate the "History" icon. This icon will always take you to your chat history.

Step 2. Click on a chat to see an overview

Clicking on the "History" icon will take you to this page. This is where you can view the total number of chats that you participated in during the live event. This page will only show the chat history for this specific event.

Clicking on a chat will allow you to see an overview of your encounter. You can view your rating for that person, their profile. You can even choose to add a note about the conversation you had.



Step 3. Find the Transcript Tab

You can view your chat summary and transcript by clicking on the "Transcript" tab shown below


Step 4. Follow Up with the Participant

Representatives can click on the Follow Up button to follow up with participants they've already chatted with by sending them an email, or forward the participant's information to a colleague, employer or other person who may need the information.


You’ll also have the ability to schedule a follow up conversation with the person you chatted with directly from this page. By clicking “Schedule a Followup”, you can share a link to your public calendar (or a 3rd party calendar sharing service like Calendly or ScheduleOnce). The person you chatted with will be able to click the link to your calendar and choose the best time to reconnect with you.


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