How do I engage in a chat in a networking event?

To engage in a chat during a networking event, you will first need to register and enter a live event.

Once you are logged into an event, you will be in the event lobby. The lobby displays different booths within the event where participants can engage with one another. Booths may represent different topics, industries, regions, or other subjects to help shape your connections and conversations within the event.

When the event is live, your status on the left side of the screen will be automatically set to "Available."

Each booth displays statistics about the current expected wait time and how many participants are currently in the booth. Select a booth that interests you, then click "Enter" to enter the booth.

Once inside the booth, you will see a green button on the right side of the page. Click "Chat" when you are ready to chat.

You will be automatically be placed into a chat when another participant within the booth is also available. You can also be available or in line in multiple booths at the same time. Return to the event lobby and follow this process again to make yourself available in multiple booths within the event. Your upcoming chats, based on your current availability, will always be displayed on the left-hand side of the event page.

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