Booth Opportunities Tab Inspiration

Below you can see a few different examples of company career fair booths. Each booth is unique and shows how you can customize the information presented in your Opportunities Tab.


 Example 1.


This company decided to change the tab title from "Opportunities" to "Job Openings". This can only be done if content has not been submitted in the Opportunities Section. This company also decided to use this tab to list their available jobs and locations. 

 Example 2.


This company decided not to modify the tab title and left it as "Opportunities". They decided to mention some of the qualities and experiences that an ideal candidate might possess or value. This section also lists available jobs and their locations. Jobs and locations listed in the “Opportunities Section” will show up as blue hyperlinks. Clicking on these jobs will take you to a website with more information about the position. Finally, they offer a link to their website's career listing page.


Example 3. 


This company also decided to mention some of the characteristics that prospective candidates might possess. They have also listed their featured opportunities.

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