See how information will be presented in your booth


Home Tab

This is the content that participants will see once they join your booth from the event lobby. Each booth has a home tab which is automatically enabled.

1. Tab Title:

  • The title of this tab cannot be modified. 

2. Banner Image: 

  • This can be a larger version of your logo, a picture of your organization or branded image. 

2. Content:

  • This a brief description, synopsis, or mission statement about your organization. In this field you can include text, links, and images.


Opportunities Tab

This optional tab can be used to display featured opportunities at you organization. 

1. Tab Title:  

  • The default name of this tab is "Opportunities" and can be modified. This tab must be Enabled for content to be saved and viewed. 

2. Content:

  • Use this space to introduce or summarize your opportunities or open positions. Add text or images into the Content field.

3. Opportunities:

  • Any opportunities you added to the opportunities section will appear directly below any content in this field. 



About Us Tab

This optional tab can be used to inform participants about your organization or highlight an organizational video. 

1. Tab Title:  

  • The default name of this tab is "About Us" and can be modified. This tab must be Enabled for content to be saved and viewed.

2. Organizational Video

  • This is where your embedded organizational video will be displayed.
  • You will need an embed URL from a video streaming service like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Vzaar, or Vine. A traditional link will not allow for in-booth video viewing.



Event Lobby View

This information will be displayed when attendees hover on your booth in the event lobby. 

1. Booth Title 

  • This will help attendees identify the booth in the event lobby.  

2. Booth Logo 

  • This will be displayed to participants when they enter the event lobby. This logo will also be displayed within the actual booth. Square logos are recommended!

3. Organizational Blurb

  • This information is displayed when attendees hover over the booth in the event lobby. We recommend providing the focus of what booth and information on what participants can expect to chat with you about in that booth. 




1. Representatives

  • This is where booth representatives will be displayed during the event. 
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