What information can be seen about participants while engaging in a one-on-one chat?

Only information that you have chosen to submit in the event registration form will be visible during one-on-one chats. If a registration form field is not required, than you have the option to leave it blank.

Information that has been submitted in the event registration form can be seen during one-on-one chats

Registration forms are always unique to an event and you will be required to fill one out for every event you attend. These forms compile information for your personal profile during an event.

Overview of your information during a one-on-one chat

This is the view that representatives will have while chatting one-on-one. Your personal profile information will be visible while they are participating in a chat with you.

How your resume will be viewed during one-on-one chats

This is how your resume will be viewed by representatives during one-on-one chats.

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