How should I use the rating screen that appears after a chat ends?

After each conversation, you will get the chance to rate each candidate using a 5-star rating scale. Use this tool to help identify the top candidates. You can also view and edit each candidate’s rating after the event by accessing your Chat History.

Ratings are not displayed to candidates and help you organize your post-event followup. View the sample star ratings guide below.

Rating Screen


After your chat has ended you will be taken to a page that looks like the one above to store a rating and some quick notes. You can choose to skip the rating feature by clicking "Finished".

Access Ratings and Notes


After the event, plan to take time to access your Chat History to review the connections you made and followup.


1 Star:  Not a fit for our company (Communication skill-set and professional exchange is not a fit, nor is their professional background).

2 Stars: Professionally not a fit for our company (While the candidate's communication skills are professional, their experience and background is not a fit for our company).

3 Stars: Would be a potential fit for our company, but no opportunity for the company today.  We’ll want to upload their profile and pipeline them.

4 Stars: Strong potential candidate we’d want to follow up with after the online event for more information and interview soon.

5 Stars: Strong potential candidate for something today. Move to interview now.

Adequately using the star rating system and having clear notes about candidate interests, skill sets, and availability will help you identify top candidates and allow us to quickly follow up with them after the event, creating a great candidate experience and positively promote our brand!

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