How can I select the correct time zone for display on my profile?

Navigate to the event landing page and log in.

Visit an upcoming or previous event login page and enter your account login information. The login link can be found in your event registration confirmation email or event reminder email.
 If you have questions about registering for future events click here.

Find and Click Your Account Name

You will arrive in the event lobby after signing into your account. If you were taken to a registration form after logging in, you will be taken to this page after completing that form. Click on your name at the top right of your screen.

Click Edit Account

When you click on your name you will see a dropdown menu with three choices. Click "Edit Account" to be taken to the account editing page.

You will be taken to this page after clicking "Edit Account"

This is what your account editing page will look like. This is where you can make any changes to you name, email address, or time zone.

Change your time zone

Select a time zone from the dropdown menu or search for a city within your time zone.

Successful Update

You will need to click the save button to update your time zone preference. Your preferences will not update successfully without clicking this button.

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