Networking Booth Inspiration

A networking booth will give you the option to use up to three separate tabs to organize information in your booth. The images below show all three booth tabs being used. Content changes between tabs will be outlined in red. This should help you recognize what information should be consistent in your booth. Click on any of the images to see a larger view.

Home Tab

This will be the first tab that visitors see when entering a booth. This booth used the organization's logo. They also decided to include an organization-themed banner. The booth title is, "Public Policy, Government, Law, and International Development & Affairs". This helps identify what industries or topics will be discussed between participants in the booth. The discussion feed is where participants will be able to ask questions or post comments.

Tab 2

This tab title was changed to "About This Event". The content section reflects the title of this tab and offers information and guidelines for event participation. It's important to note that the only content changes to this tab are outlined in red.

Tab 3

This organization decided to use "Featured Video" as the title of tab 3. They chose to embed a video where you would normally see the banner. It is possible to include a banner and video, but the banner will always be located above the video. The content section of this tab was used to include instructions in the form of a title.

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