Employer Best Practices

Tips for Success:


1. Talk to as many candidates as you can!

We recommend talking with as many candidates as you can throughout the event. Keep an eye on the number of candidates in your booth: at all times (in your booth, in chat and while you rate conversations) you will see the number of candidates visiting your booth and the number of candidates currently waiting in your line.

As a team, the number of candidates in line will help you determine how many representatives to have available. That said, we recommend having all hands on deck (all registered recruiters online) at the start of the event. Please note that if you see candidates in line but you are not getting connected, the candidate may be speaking with someone else in your booth or another booth.


2. Have boiler-plate text ready to go:

Open up Notepad,TextEdit, Microsoft Word or another program and have some standard answers and questions typed up that you can copy/paste into the chat window. It's not essential, but having some boilerplate questions and responses ready to copy/paste can move the conversation along faster.


3. Moving to Next Connection:

This button can be used to move to the next connection after you have chatted with a candidate. We suggest politely excusing yourself (just like you would in person) before hitting this button and moving to your next connection.


4. Use Ratings, Follow-up Tools, Notes and Dashboard!

After each conversation, you'll get the chance to rate the candidate from 1 to 5 stars, and take notes. Use this tool to help you identify the top candidates out of all you spoke with -- rate your "follow up" candidates a 4 or a 5 and then use the Dashboard after the event to quickly ID those candidates for follow up.


We encourage you to come up with an internal rating system so that the ratings are standard amongst your team.


5. Leverage the Pipeline Report:

Within 2 business days of the event, you'll get a full Pipeline Report. This report will include every candidate who attended, their profile information, and all the candidates your company connected with.


Reach out to those candidates who had the highest ratings, and add all of the candidates to your talent community and pipeline for future outreach!


6. We Love Feedback!

If you have feedback about the event please let us know. We consider all feedback and take it seriously as we are always looking for ways to make the experience optimal for all participants.!!


 Set a Candidate Standard Rating System

After each chat, each recruiter will get to rate the candidate on a 1 to 5 star rating system. As a team, set a standard rating system so that all ratings are standard across the board (company-wide ratings for every candidate will be available in the Candidate Report).


Example rating system below:

  • 5 Stars: Perfect candidate fit. Considered a “hot” lead for immediate follow-up.


  • 4 Stars: Strong candidate fit. 1 additional phone screening before in-person interview.


  • 3 Stars: Mediocre fit. Needs secondary resume / chat transcript review from team.


  • 2 Stars: Not a fit for current openings.


  • 1 Star: Very poor fit for current openings.


Take Notes with High-Level Overview of Candidate

After you rate the candidate, record quick thoughts or notes about the candidate that you’ll be able to view in your Dashboard. For example: “Top candidate, email right away for interview,” or “Send information to colleague – may be a good fit for role he/she is hiring for.”


Email Strong Candidates Right Away and Forward Information

Immediately following the event or after a chat, you will be able to email the candidate directly from the platform or forward their information along (with their profile and your chat transcript) to a colleague. Email top candidate right away when you 100% know you want to schedule a follow-on conversation.


Visit Your History to Review Connections and Make Sure You Do Immediate Follow-Up with Top Candidates

After the event, visit your History to make sure you’ve flagged and/or followed up with the candidates whom you’ve rated the highest. You will have access to your History for 6 months.


Leverage Candidate Report

Schedule a post-event meeting with your team to review candidate report together. Discuss how many follow-up emails have been sent, what traction has been made with top candidates and make sure that the highest rated candidates have been followed-up with in some capacity.



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