Events - Selecting Next Steps

After a chat ends, reps are presented with a rating screen where they can privately rate participants to help streamline their followup process. Depending on the type of event you are participating in, you will be shown either the Next Steps Rating Scale or the Star Ratings Scale.

Next Steps Rating Scale

If you are participating in a recruiting event, you'll probably see the Next Steps rating screen at the conclusion of each chat. Adequately using the rating system and having clear notes about candidate interests, skill sets, and availability will help identify top candidates and allow us to quickly follow up with them after the event, creating a great candidate experience.



Star Ratings Scale

If you are participating in a non-recruiting event, you'll probably see the Star Ratings Scale. Before the event, work with your team members to decide how you want to use the scale to create consistency (eg 5 stars = followup required, 1 star, no followup required).


Regardless of the rating scale you use, you can view the information displayed on the rating screen including ratings, notes, participant profile and chat transcript in your event History.



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