Sending and Receiving "Final Thoughts"


After a chat ends, you may feel like you ran out of time or forgot to mention one last thing. By sending and receiving final thoughts, participants can exchange one last message to tie up any loose ends and receive additional information from their new connections.

  1. Write up your final thought after a chat ends

After a chat ends, the final thought field will appear at the top of your screen. Share one last message with the person you just connected with.



Note: Sending a final thought is not available for representatives. We encourage representatives to use our followup actions to continue the conversation with a participant. However, you will still receive final thoughts - read on to see how.


  1. Look for final thought notifications

Final thoughts will appear as notifications at the bottom of your screen. When available, click the link to navigate to your history screen and review your chat transcript.



  1. Review all your final thoughts in your history

All of your final thoughts are available in the "History" tab for full review. The count indicates how many unread messages you have.


On the history screen, you will see the full list of your chats, and a column to indicate if you have any unread final thoughts. Click on an unread message to view it.



The transcript of your chat will automatically display, with the "final thought" at the bottom. Any final thoughts that you sent will also be displayed as a part of the transcript.





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